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About Coral

Cooking at the Belvino Viaggio in Paso Robles, CA 

Upon completion of a successful career in the corporate world I am transitioning into my dream job - interim innkeeping.  Over the last 30 years my husband and I have enjoyed staying at Bed and Breakfasts in the US, Canada, and Europe.  I always felt a kinship with the innkeepers and dreamed that one day I would find myself managing a B&B, cooking for the guests, and playing the role of concierge.

There are many skills and life experiences that have prepared me for interim innkeeping. First and foremost working in the retail industry customer service has been my top priority and will serve me well as I interact with guests at your B&B.  

Having over 15 years of management experience plus a degree in Business will aid me in the more technical aspects of running your B&B.  While my organizational and planning skills will allow me to efficiently and effectively manage the daily activities of your B&B.  I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and resourceful individual and pride myself on my management, 0rganizational and planning skills.  

Multi-tasking has always been my middle name in both professional and personal arenas. I am goal-oriented and often have many activities in process at one time.  My ability to multi-task will play and important role to ensure activities (like cleaning and staging) are completed in a timely manner while keeping other responsibilities such as reservations and financials organized.

Over the years I have developed my people (interpersonal) skills by managing departments, teams, projects, and individuals.  I am a team player and have always worked well with others.  I am a friendly and thoughtful person who will treat your staff and guests with the utmost respect.

My husband jokingly says, 'Coral's favorite color is 'CLEAN!'  That is not far from the truth, as I like things organized and in their place.  I have always enjoyed housekeeping, laundry, and perform them with efficiency and effectiveness.  I am not a germaphobe or fanatical, but strive to keep my homes (and your property) clean and organized. 

Many proclaim me a gourmet cook, but I just say that, 'I love to prepare food for those who appreciate and enjoy it!'  I have extensive food preparation experience and cook many different types of cuisines.  Over the years I have organized and prepared food for many small - large parties and participated in numerous catering events.  I am also well versed in wine and pairings.  I have an Oregon Food Handlers License and a Washington Food Handlers Permit. 

In addition I have current AED, CPR, and First Aid certifications.
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