for over 8 years I have been living the dream of being an interim Innkeeper ...


My experience over the years

When I began my interim innkeeping business in 2011 I was unsure where it would take me. Being an interim innkeeper has been a grand adventure and extremely fulfilling.  I have met many wonderful Bed and Breakfast  (B&B) owners, hundreds of fantastic guests, and taken care of more than two dozen properties!  After more than eight years I can say that I still love interim innkeeping and continue to 'live the dream!'  Each year I add new clients and say good bye to some who are retiring or selling their businesses.  The best part is that whether or not I am working for them, we still remain friends.

Over the years I have taken care of Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Inns, both large and small.  Some of the properties had as few as 1-2 rooms, and others 10 or more.  Most of the properties that I provide interim innkeeping services for have between 4 and 8 guest rooms.  Although I work predominately in the Pacific Northwest and California I get calls from Bed and Breakfasts across the USA, including Alaska.

Enthusiasm and maturity is what I will bring to your property.  My years of corporate experience allows me to professionally and effectively manage your business.  With over 40 years of experience in providing outstanding customer service your guests will be treated like royalty, with both respect and kindness.  I pride myself in being a gracious and friendly hostess.

I have many years of experience managing personnel and enjoy assisting and overseeing staff at the B&Bs and Inns that I work.  I believe in being an active participant in the management of the property and am willing to roll up my sleeves and pitch in wherever and whenever I am needed.  My clients regularly communicate that their staff enjoyed working with me.  

Cooking is an art form that I take seriously.  I love cooking and baking and have honed my culinary skills over the last eight years.  My breakfasts are lovingly prepared and beautifully presented.   House specialties or signature dishes are what I prefer to cook while taking care of your property.  My collection of 'The best recipes' also provides me a large range of options for guests with special dietary requirements or restrictions. 

Several of my clients have provided testimonials of their experience with Coral's Seamless Innkeeping, LLC.  Those can be found under the 'Testemonials' tab.

As an interim innkeeper I provide some or all of the following services, whatever your property requires:

  • Guest services - including check-in and out, payment processing, etc.
  • Reservation processing and financial reporting
  • Concierge services
  • Food preparation and procurement
  • Beverage service
  • Staff management
  • Laundry and housekeeping management
  • Payroll processing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Vineyard management
  • Special offerings and services - packages, elopements, weddings
  • Pet care

as agreed upon and included in the contract.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

My most frequently asked question is 'How much do you charge?'  My answer is always the same, 'It depends.'  Every B&B and Inn is different.  Roles and responsibilities vary along with expectations.  I have a list of 10 standard questions that I use to begin the dialogue with a new client.  When possible I like to visit the new property and discuss in person what is expected, before I provide information on an interim innkeeping rate.

Another question I often get is , 'Do you take care of animals?'  Many of my clients have pets that are part of their particular B&B experience and/or prefer that they remain at home.  The answer is yes, I have taken care of many of my client's pets over the years.  Typically there is an extra charge for pet care.

Can you cook my recipes?  I always  prefer to cook and bake the house specialties, your way.  Although I have collected the 'Best recipes' from numerous properties,  I am an experienced chef and baker and  comfortable with whatever my client wants me to cook.  Often after I have worked at a particular property a couple times the owner gives me 'Carte Blanche' to cook whatever is fresh and in season.